Cacao / Schokolade Set für Schulen

CHF 55.00*

Content: 1.4 Kilo (CHF 39.29* / 1 Kilo)
Product number: HG41B
EAN: 7611326688952
Product information "Cacao / Schokolade Set für Schulen"
Cacao / Chocolate Set for Schools It contains a fresh cocoa fruit, roasted cocoa beans (HL51B) , a Crudo chocolate as in the origin (CR11C), various Grand Cru chocolates (HL91B) and some Felchlin documents.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! The fruit has been freshly frozen and will be sent to you frozen by "Mond Express"!

Upon arrival, the fruit must be returned to the freezer compartment as soon as possible and only thawed when used! Optimal storage: Chocolate = well closed, cool and dry at 14-20 ° C The fruit = well closed at -20°C